Aftercare Services

Our care continues even after you complete treatment.

Lifelong recovery takes more than a few months of work. Inpatient treatment supports recovery in a controlled environment, but what about after graduating, when you return to your daily life and challenges? That’s where Aftercare comes in. 

How can Aftercare help you?

It allows for the continued development and practice of learned tools and skills for recovery in a familiar setting. In fact, consistent participation in Aftercare program sessions are proven to result in continued healthy behaviours and strong deterrence of unhelpful or harmful habits long after the end of regular treatment programming.

When it comes to long-term recovery, familiarity and routines are key. Your experience during your initial treatment program helps to form the basis of your Aftercare programming, so you can continue to work on your learned skills with clinicians and other alumni who fully understand your recovery journey.

We also offer groups based on your specific treatment program or needs, including gender, problematic dependencies, occupational trauma, and more.

Aftercare with EHN Canada

How does Aftercare work?

At EHN Canada, Aftercare consists of virtual weekly group therapy sessions where you can discuss wins and difficulties, and use learned skills to brainstorm or work through stresses. It also includes access to an accompanying app and connections to local resources and support groups.

Want to learn more about Aftercare and how it can help you?

  • A commitment to your lifelong recovery
  • A support network to help guide you
  • Accountability to stay on track with goals
  • Opportunities to continue your healing journey after completing your original treatment program
  • Maintenance to avoid relapse and reinforce your new learned skills 
  • Encouragement around healthy choices
  • Help navigating difficulties and triggers in the real world
  • Ongoing group therapy sessions to maintain accountability and learn from the experiences of fellow alumni

Our Aftercare programs help provide you with:

  • 10 months for IOP alumni, and 1 year for inpatient alumni
  • Weekly group therapy sessions to build on the skills developed during inpatient or IOP treatment
  • Connection with local resources and support groups, including AA, NA, and SMART Recovery
  • The opportunity to participate virtually through EHN Online
  • Access to our app for setting goals, tracking progress, and monitoring triggers

What is included in EHN Canada’s Aftercare program?

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