Online Treatment Programs

Get inpatient-level treatment, without the inpatient stay.

Not everyone needs to enter into an inpatient facility to effectively recover from mental illness or trauma. Our online programs, structured to provide multiple hours of treatment per week with evidence-based methods, have proven to be just as effective as inpatient treatment. In fact, for many, online programs can provide a variety of added benefits.

More convenience. Equally effective.

EHN Online’s virtual treatment programs can still offer high quality care, along with flexibility and benefits such as:

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And most importantly, you will be given the opportunity to practice new coping skills and techniques in real time. Being fully integrated in your daily surroundings and triggers will highlight difficulties and skills worth revisiting, and eliminate the difficulties of transitioning back into your daily life upon graduating from your program.

Virtual mental health treatment that works

  • More affordable and accessible treatment
  • Recovery from home or wherever you feel most comfortable
  • Access to the same highly trained and compassionate therapists
  • Ability to maintain responsibilities, such as childcare or work
  • Combination of individual and group therapy designed for optimal results
  • Accompanying app to allow for easier progress tracking

As part of EHN Canada, a country-wide network of successful treatment facilities, participants in EHN Online’s virtual treatment programs are in a unique position to access the benefits of both virtual treatment and all the offerings of the EHN Canada network, such as:

  • Easy transitions between inpatient and virtual treatment if needed
  • Access to Aftercare programming following completion of your program to help maintain connections, accountability and refresh skills
  • Treatment that aligns with the same expert clinicians and evidence-based recovery methods as inpatient treatment
  • Full recognition of the possibility that mental illness often coexists with unhealthy coping habits
  • And a Canada-wide alumni community for endless support and companionship

Convenient, effective online treatment


Our virtual programs are designed to ensure that patients receive the same top-notch, intensive care that they do within our facilities. Thanks to the online nature of this flexible program, patients can work around their daily schedules, choosing between afternoon, evening and weekend sessions.

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